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Father And Baby

Top 10 Gifts for Father’s Day!

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 A father has a bond with his child like no other, as a Daddy’s girl I know that personally. My father taught me how to talk, he taught me how to walk, and most importantly he gave me all the essentials I need to survive in this world. His love and support is why I always try to remind him how much I care for him through time spent, and through my thoughtful gifts. You can’t buy love, but I can give my father something he really needs or wants, and that happiness is worth it.  If you want to give your dad a gift that he will continue to use after this Father’s Day, here are my top ten suggestions and why.
  1. Yeti Cooler/Cooler

    Everyone knows about Yeti Coolers, they are expensive but for the durability, design and performance; They are worth every penny.  Ranging from $80-$300, I am sure you can find the perfect one to help dad out on the boat, or on those hot days by the grill. If not, any nice cooler would do, maybe one with a favorite sports team?

  2. Chainsaw/Hand tools

    Most fathers, love their tools if it isn’t for working on the car, or in the yard. It may be to keep the wife happy, as he fixes the leaky sink as well. You can find all sets of tools online, however I recommend a chainsaw this year, as it’s exactly what my father wanted. The reason for this is because everyone knows a path that has been overgrown with trees and such, a chainsaw can rid that problem very quickly. As well as making your dad feel stronger as he cuts down trees, a chain saw may just be the perfect gift for him, but if not any tools will do.

  3. A Gun/Colt .45

    Almost every man I have met, loves a nice gun. So why not, keep it a classic and buy your dad a nice Colt .45! I know the price tag for a Colt is on the higher end, but as always guns keep men happy, so any new one of any kind will honestly probably do.

  4. Knife

    Have you ever had a tag that you couldn’t get off? What about a package you cannot get open? In these situations, I almost always ask my father for a knife. It’s a handy tool to always have whether in an every-day scenario or even in the wilderness. Just find one to fit your Father’s needs, and you’ll be good to go.

  5. Sporting Events/Concert Tickets

    Most people have a hobby of some sort, and most hobbies come with large events that usually if you are a pretty big fan, you would want to go too. Therefore, looking online for a sporting event, or concert tickets for your Father is a good way to get on his good side. If he’s more into games and such, perhaps a convention of some sort would work perfectly too.

  6. Wallet

    If your Dad is anything like mine, then you know that his wallet has probably been in his pocket since he first got it, and won’t leave said pocket until someone buys him a new one. A new wallet will help protect your dad against shady people, as well as giving you a piece of mind that he didn’t lose anything important.

  7.  Tile 

    I recently came across the Tile, while doing some research and as someone who is always losing my keys, phone, etc. It almost seems to be the perfect gift for anyone. The tile is a tracking system that allows you to find those missing items immediately so you aren’t wasting your time or anyone else’s. Save your voice by telling your Dad to use Tile to find his things, and if he is looking for his phone, press the button on any other device to make his own phone ring, even on silent! A good thing to have in the house for everyone!

  8. Snack Basket

    They always say, a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So why not indulge him, with a favorite snack basket of all his favorite goodies. He will surely love you even more, after his stomach is full.

  9. Sportswear/Fanware

    Going off the fact that your father must be a fan of something, any type of merchandise that aligns with what he loves, is going to be one the best gifts you can give. It means you took the time to learn what he loves outside of his family, and work. I know my boyfriend’s dad loves the Gamecocks, so anything I get him gamecocks related I know he’s going to love.

  10. Car Gift Basket

    Everyone in your life is going to have a car, but who is going to want that car to look nice? Most likely, your father. A car is some men’s baby, and they want it looking the best always. So, giving them a basket of cleaning supplies, or even stuff for the inside of the car will make them feel like their effort has been appreciated.

Overall, all of these gifts can be customized to fit the needs of every father out there, and that is the main reason they are in my top 10 gifts for Father’s Day! Look forward to my next post: Top 10 gifts for the Biker in your Life.

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